Define and Live My Soul Purpose
by Steve D’Annunzio
author of
The Prosperity Paradigm

There are a series of specific talents and strengths that you have possessed from birth that, when combined, form a distinctive life meaning called Soul Purpose. Unlike other programs focusing on your uniqueness as something you do – such as a career – soul purpose is something you are. Bill Gates never defined himself as a software designer, which was one unique talent he did extremely well.

He is a world changer; he did it as CEO of Microsoft, and will continue to do so as the world’s leading philanthropist.

    You were born for a very specific reason—you are here on a mission. You have a Soul Purpose that the world needs desperately and by living it you will create enormous value, and in turn will naturally receive prosperity. It is important to see that in a world of seemingly continuous cause and effect, value creation is the cause, and money is the effect.

         What else could possibly offer the world the greatest value other than living that which you were specifically created for?

What else would you also have the most fun doing, knowing you were doing that which you loved to do every single day? What else could you possibly do to have more fun, create more value, and profit from more than your Soul Purpose?

Love-driven beings are typically teachers of strong-force attractors, thereby bringing an empowering energy wherever they are. At the radical and highly misunderstood level of consciousness called Love, wealth, like every other thing, takes on a new definition. At previous levels wealth referred to the ability to buy anything desired, but at this level it implies experiencing the fullness of needing nothing.

One needs and desires nothing because love completes you, at which point your presence induces a similar possibility for others to feel more complete. In a sales setting, potential clients see value propositions with greater clarity to take action. In a therapeutic setting that which at other levels of awareness might be called ‘miraculous healing’ can often occur.

Living soul purpose is the one common denominator every highly successful person has in common. With this lesson we will specifically delve deeply into the wellspring of your soul matrix to clearly identify the sixteen to twenty innate abilities written there. The key points are:


I was created by an Infinite Intelligence for a reason.


I have a Soul Purpose here—co-created specifically for me—which I came here to fulfill.


Misery and desperation are the result of the inability to discover Soul Purpose.


I will feel a deep fulfillment when I dare to believe I can discover and live my Soul Purpose.


Living my Soul Purpose will create maximum value for others, prosperity for me, and leave behind permanent Individual Legacy.


Those who create an Individual Legacy live a balanced life filled with health, wealth, a greater joy, and a deep sense of satisfaction.


This Individual Legacy is timeless in its ability to continually help others.


Living Soul Purpose extends physical longevity.

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