Everyone on Earth practices a central devotion to some idea or thing. The prime question becomes – to what can I devote myself that will surely offer the greatest possibility for peace, joy, health and wealth?

In the inner world of beliefs, we either devote our energy to the ego-self or the God-Self. Few people realize that there are no other options. Devotion to the ego-self ultimately comes down to an addiction to one’s own thoughts. Devotion to the God-Self comes down to a commitment to witness your thoughts without taking them personally.

Normal thoughts are often chaotic and destructive, while spiritual awareness is creative and empowering. One cannot become Love as long as you are more entranced by your thoughts than you are devoted to the love of God.

Thoughts generated from the lower ego-mind can be tremendously distracting, uncontrollable, and draining. Thoughts coming from the God-Self are generated from what can be called the Aware Mind.

There are three categories that all thoughts fall into: Physical realm (Animal Instinct)—This quality of thoughts are the animal instincts which hypnotically compel one to run after and fulfill physical sensory desires and avoid perceived physical dangers. Mental realm (Social Programming)—These thoughts involuntarily push into your screen of consciousness in a mostly random chaotic way—dominating with fear, doubt, and worry. Spiritual realm—(God-Self both Immanent &Transcendent) the quality of these thoughts are creative ideas that serve all.

A major leap in happiness and achievement occurs when you break free from the imprisonment of being stuck in your mind. The mind is like an inner amusement park filled with thrills, spills, and chills that is a source of almost non-stop noise and annoyance. If it weren’t for the forced unconscious peace of sleep, the cacophony of the average person’s mind would drive them insane. In most people, it is the cause of great suffering.

First, notice that the thinking process goes on whether you want it to or not. You can suggest thoughts to the brain and even borrow its computational prowess for a short time, but it runs the thought-stream – like it or not. Since you can’t control it – it must not be you. This is a huge realization you must experience. You have a mind; you are not your mind. Here are the key points to master the mind:

Ÿ I must see that ‘I’ am not the thinker, the ego is the thinking mind and that my thoughts don’t mean anything.



I must release the belief that thought is always creative, and that thinking is pleasurable.



I must release the belief that thoughts are valuable, and that since I’m thinking them, they must be right.



I need to see that I’m never upset for the reasons I think—I’m upset because I think.



The ego-mind sees only the past, which it overlays onto the ‘now’.

Once I realize that the God-self is who I really am, I will center my power, become present and create anew.

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