To look within is an attitude more than it is a technique or even a spiritual practice. This means relinquishing the content of the mind and the world it reflects. Initially this seems like a loss, as if one is facing the death of the world and all its promises. It may even be passively experienced as such, but is really the passing of an illusion. The ego is the basis for the illusion. The source of pleasure was never without, but was always within. It was never the world that granted pleasure at all, it was merely the story you told yourself about the world. Once you remember God, the ego begins falling away bit-by-bit and Reality shines brightly. Focusing on content was always the source of the pain; that old habit is gradually replaced by focusing on context. With this higher perspective, you remember the purpose of this world and all is well.GRATITUDE – The gratitude attitude prevents you from emanating negative energy in a moment of truth when you face challenges. In these moments, when we most need to be positive, the ego habit is negativity. It is blocking the ability to remember God, but with practice, gratitude activates the Spiritual Will. Once it is energized, it is never forgotten. Then you are reminded that God knows what you need for personal growth better than your ego does. You recall whatever is happening is always for the highest good. Thus, gratitude is the habit of thanking God for any event – good or bad. The event’s purpose is then revealed and the lesson is learned.

KINDNESS – Kindness is the attitude that unlocks a hidden aspect of the scared nature in human beings – the urge to alleviate suffering. The ego is the psychological equivalent to a reptile. It sees the world in a fight or flight manner; it doesn’t want to take you to lunch – you are lunch! Can a crocodile love you? The ego has the same basis nature, whether it’s dressed in a suit or wearing perfume. Choose to be kind, benign and compassionate towards all life in all its expressions, without exception – especially to yourself.

PERFECTION – If one can see that Earth offers the perfect opportunity to evolve and learn everything, from the horrible to the divine, then one could understand the necessity of such a wide range of available choices. Divinity is not earnable without victim hood as a choice; prosperity is not earnable without poverty as a choice, and so on. The Love driven being sees all from a higher vantage point (context). Like flying over your town in an airplane, you get a new perspective of how all the streets and buildings fit together, so too does love explain how all creation fits perfectly together. If this universe exists for the express purpose of human evolution towards Godliness, Earth is perfect—exactly as it is.

HUMILITY – This attitude bypasses one of the most tenacious, but hidden, aspects of the ego. This aspect is the need to control and to be right. It is quite humbling to realize there is only one thing you can ever control, and that is where you choose to give your precious energy. Being right is another myth. ‘Right’, from whose viewpoint and in what context? Control trips and the need to ‘be right’, are both huge vanities that lead to inevitable pain. This is precisely why Jesus said, “He who would be exalted will be humbled, he would be humbled will be exalted.”

As a serious spiritual student, let go of the self-appointed duties of being the one to judge, correct, control, change the world and express opinions about everything. The Love-driven being is no longer obligated to continue these chores, instead they are turned over to divine justice. Inasmuch as the mind has no idea what Reality even is, relinquishing these former duties will be a relief and bring about an end to feeling guilt.