I recently did a seminar on prosperity for a group people consisting of mainly women. They were mostly professionals who had temporarily suspended their careers to raise a family. Some were doctors, others were lawyers and accountants; but the common denominator was that most were well educated high-level earners. I began the workshop by asking them to pass the microphone around to introduce themselves, and then to individually answer the following question; My biggest concern about money is … Their answers totally blew my mind. The first answer was, Money totally mystifies me. The second was; I am an accountant and I intellectually know the pragmatics about money, but somehow can’t put it all together to apply it in my real life. The next answer was;  I am clueless as to how to earn more, we always seem to just struggle by … And on and on it went, at least sixty highly intelligent people, and not one of them said, I totally get it.

So I am writing this to help you totally get it right now, if you choose to.

I have heard money referred to by spiritual teachers as being energy, and I have also heard money referred to by economists as being a commodity. Both are relative truisms depending on context. By using Prosperity Paradigm principles, money can be understood in a more absolute sense within a broader context. While scarcity economics are often complex, confusing, and contradictory, prosperity economics are simple, direct and obvious.

Money is a tool of exchange that serves as a conduit of value. Money is called currency because it carries an energy current similar to electrical current. Like copper wire is a conduit of electricity, money is a conduit of value. The copper wire is conducting the electricity, but it is not the power it merely carries the power. It is the electricity that is the powerful thing, right? When you need to plug in a lamp, you do not look for copper wire do you? You look for an electrical outlet because that’s where the power is.

Similarly, money is not the power; it is merely the conduit for the real power which is value. Checks, dollars, all revenue and income is attracted to you relative to the exact amount of value you are producing in the world. Every time you receive money, you must stop and recognize it as an effect. It appears as an end result from something you did prior to receiving the money. This something was the cause.

Recognize that there are only two ways to make money in this world:

1. Creating Value for others this is maximized and expedited by discovering Soul Purpose and externalizing it via the Prosperity Paradigm

2. Deception over others this is the result of living in a state of self-deception and/or aligning with an organization that is deceiving others.

If you are working for an hourly wage, look at your paycheck at the end of the week and notice that you went to an employers place of business, somehow offered value to his customers, and afterwards received compensation. If you are in sales, you first offered a product or service to a potential client, and only when they received value did your compensation then follow. In a world of seemingly continuous cause and effect; the creation of value is the cause, and money is the effect.

The grandiose error made by people who want more money, is that they focus on the wrong end of the equation. If you seek more money, do not think about money. Focus instead on what you can be, then do, to offer the maximum value to the world. Look at things like: besides money, what do I need to be happier, and ask yourself, does the world share in that need? What does society need? Where are people suffering? What niche can I fill that may have not quite been filled to the degree my vision may offer? What do I love to be, and create, that might be a valuable service or product out in the world?

At this stage of inner, thought travel you must suspend  how to do it. Dream about what your Soul Purpose may be, contemplate it, and above all remember the how to is not important at this stage. The how to do it is not important because you are educating yourself and that is enough for now.

There are so many unrealized opportunities out there to create greater value in the world, it is amazing. This is true because what people view as valuable is completely subjective. To some, an old baseball with ink scribbling on it is valuable, to others used postage stamps are valuable, and to another the old shoes of a movie star are valuable. Like all of life, value is subjective, and what is valuable varies according to each persons specific likes and preferences. Whether you are exchanging money for a product or service or ,vice/ versa, all money transactions are based on exchanging value. Remember that value is a quality of meaningful service or significant worth which, when provided for another, creates enhanced joy and fulfillment for both parties. By creating value first, money will appear second.

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