After spending twenty seven years studying the most high-functioning, happiest, famous, and wealthiest people in history, I came to understand the common denominator they all shared. Though they were from a myriad of different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, every one of them had discovered their soul purpose. More so, they found a way to bring this great gift in service to the world. This possibility forms the ultimate version of prosperity that a human being can aspire to; it is the quintessential human life value. People that discover and deliver their soul purpose to the world live longer and happier, experience greater inner peace and health, and become financially abundant though it is rarely their intention.

Soul purpose is your unique series of talents, strengths, passions, interests, hobbies, attitudes, and values that form the essence of the most magnificent version of you. When these qualities are intentionally acknowledged and cultivated, they coalesce into a specific mission in service to the world. These qualities already exist within you in a basic raw form. For most people they need to be clearly identified, then nourished, studied and refined. Soul purpose is like gold – hidden deep within, but when painstakingly sought for and carefully mined – makes for fabulous wealth.


Throughout history people have come to recognize the relevance and validity of soul purpose only after experiencing great discontent. This discontent stems from not living their life with purpose. They know they’re here to do something important but all they can say is that they’re definitely not doing it. Thus, discontent acts as the fuel that propels people towards the discovery of this concept. We come to soul purpose by discovering who we are not, and do not, want to be and do. Thus it is important to also address what soul purpose is not:



1. a job

2. a career

3. about money

4. about fame

5. about material things

6. without struggle

7. easy

8. glamorous

9. indicative of any ‘special ness’

10. worthy of any adulation but simple respect


The phrase soul purpose is derived from realizing that you are a soul in a body who has a mind. While residing in a material body and using the mind as a computer for storing, retrieving and analyzing data, the soul is your true essence. But because of very deeply ingrained cultural conditioning, we have forgotten the essence of that which we really are. This conditioning drastically hinders people’s belief in themselves and their possibilities in the world. The following story illustrates this point.


In India, elephants are still used for many heaving-lifting tasks. When the elephants are in training they are secured by a thick chain to a one-foot wide steel shaft cemented deep into the ground. As the trainer begins teaching them they initially pull and pull trying to free themselves, but after a couple weeks the elephant realizes it’s useless and stops pulling. From that point forward the trainer can lead them around by a string! This massively strong creature has been conditioned for the rest of its life to never change, because of its early conditioning. Human beings are very similar. This conditioning causes us to look at the world in a very fixed and limited way, without our even knowing it. So we forget our essence and settle for a life of mediocrity. I believe this is the root of why so many good people experience depression—their soul is so stifled that it is crying out for the expression of its real purpose.


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