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Following a ten-year study of personal and corporate businesses, a clear trend was discovered and written about in the book The Prosperity Paradigm.

Business people appeared to align with one of five different modes of being

From the lowest levels of production to the highest, these modes could be described as follows.

The three negative modes were:



…and pride-driven

 …and then the two positive modes:


          and love-driven.

The trend indicated that highly principled people living their soul purpose served clients better, earned more, received more referrals, had greater balance between work and family and actually experienced less stress.

Not surprisingly, business owners tend to build companies that mirror their own values.

Fear-driven owners build companies that have a survival mentality. Desire-driven owners build companies solely based on dollars as the prime asset, never seeing people as assets.

Pride-driven people build dictatorship companies focused on dominance and control backstage, and manipulation front stage.

 Mission-driven leaders tend to build community-conscious companies that are inter-connected on the inside and out. Love-driven leaders create transformational companies who change the world through what is a transformational consciousness.

Sam Walton built such a company.

This mapping is designed to transform your company so it reflects every aspect of your soul purpose while offering a uniquely meaningful contribution to society.

It maximizes clarity and feeling an authentic passion about delivering your company’s value proposition. This inspires daily innovation and excitement. It also enhances the ability to communicate a new level of excellence and value creativity into every client interaction.

We begin by creating a mission statement that accurately conveys your soul purpose without being wordy and complex.

This mission statement is critical because it declares your unique intention to the world for all to see.

When this is done, say the mission statement out loud and then ask the question, why?

In answering this question you will begin to discover the kind of vision statement that transformational companies use as guiding beacons. This vision statement should change every year to match the new growth you choose to create for the upcoming year.

While the vision will change, the mission does not change.

 When you get clear about this, then say this vision statement aloud, after which ask the question, how?

This will guide your team to co-create the internal and external values that create positive tension to refer to as your core principles. When used in the proper context these principles solve all internal disputes and guide the team during external challenges.

More so, they elevate your company to be recognized as a leading-edge transformational organization.

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Everyone on Earth practices a central devotion to some idea or thing. The prime question becomes – to what can I devote myself that will surely offer the greatest possibility for peace, joy, health and wealth?

In the inner world of beliefs, we either devote our energy to the ego-self or the God-Self. Few people realize that there are no other options. Devotion to the ego-self ultimately comes down to an addiction to one’s own thoughts. Devotion to the God-Self comes down to a commitment to witness your thoughts without taking them personally.

Normal thoughts are often chaotic and destructive, while spiritual awareness is creative and empowering. One cannot become Love as long as you are more entranced by your thoughts than you are devoted to the love of God.

Thoughts generated from the lower ego-mind can be tremendously distracting, uncontrollable, and draining. Thoughts coming from the God-Self are generated from what can be called the Aware Mind.

There are three categories that all thoughts fall into: Physical realm (Animal Instinct)—This quality of thoughts are the animal instincts which hypnotically compel one to run after and fulfill physical sensory desires and avoid perceived physical dangers. Mental realm (Social Programming)—These thoughts involuntarily push into your screen of consciousness in a mostly random chaotic way—dominating with fear, doubt, and worry. Spiritual realm—(God-Self both Immanent &Transcendent) the quality of these thoughts are creative ideas that serve all.

A major leap in happiness and achievement occurs when you break free from the imprisonment of being stuck in your mind. The mind is like an inner amusement park filled with thrills, spills, and chills that is a source of almost non-stop noise and annoyance. If it weren’t for the forced unconscious peace of sleep, the cacophony of the average person’s mind would drive them insane. In most people, it is the cause of great suffering.

First, notice that the thinking process goes on whether you want it to or not. You can suggest thoughts to the brain and even borrow its computational prowess for a short time, but it runs the thought-stream – like it or not. Since you can’t control it – it must not be you. This is a huge realization you must experience. You have a mind; you are not your mind. Here are the key points to master the mind:

Ÿ I must see that ‘I’ am not the thinker, the ego is the thinking mind and that my thoughts don’t mean anything.



I must release the belief that thought is always creative, and that thinking is pleasurable.



I must release the belief that thoughts are valuable, and that since I’m thinking them, they must be right.



I need to see that I’m never upset for the reasons I think—I’m upset because I think.



The ego-mind sees only the past, which it overlays onto the ‘now’.

Once I realize that the God-self is who I really am, I will center my power, become present and create anew.

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The sun does shine on us all, everyday. The clouds tend to create the illusion that the sun is no longer there, but that is all it is!
An illusion…

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To look within is an attitude more than it is a technique or even a spiritual practice. This means relinquishing the content of the mind and the world it reflects. Initially this seems like a loss, as if one is facing the death of the world and all its promises. It may even be passively experienced as such, but is really the passing of an illusion. The ego is the basis for the illusion. The source of pleasure was never without, but was always within. It was never the world that granted pleasure at all, it was merely the story you told yourself about the world. Once you remember God, the ego begins falling away bit-by-bit and Reality shines brightly. Focusing on content was always the source of the pain; that old habit is gradually replaced by focusing on context. With this higher perspective, you remember the purpose of this world and all is well.GRATITUDE – The gratitude attitude prevents you from emanating negative energy in a moment of truth when you face challenges. In these moments, when we most need to be positive, the ego habit is negativity. It is blocking the ability to remember God, but with practice, gratitude activates the Spiritual Will. Once it is energized, it is never forgotten. Then you are reminded that God knows what you need for personal growth better than your ego does. You recall whatever is happening is always for the highest good. Thus, gratitude is the habit of thanking God for any event – good or bad. The event’s purpose is then revealed and the lesson is learned.

KINDNESS – Kindness is the attitude that unlocks a hidden aspect of the scared nature in human beings – the urge to alleviate suffering. The ego is the psychological equivalent to a reptile. It sees the world in a fight or flight manner; it doesn’t want to take you to lunch – you are lunch! Can a crocodile love you? The ego has the same basis nature, whether it’s dressed in a suit or wearing perfume. Choose to be kind, benign and compassionate towards all life in all its expressions, without exception – especially to yourself.

PERFECTION – If one can see that Earth offers the perfect opportunity to evolve and learn everything, from the horrible to the divine, then one could understand the necessity of such a wide range of available choices. Divinity is not earnable without victim hood as a choice; prosperity is not earnable without poverty as a choice, and so on. The Love driven being sees all from a higher vantage point (context). Like flying over your town in an airplane, you get a new perspective of how all the streets and buildings fit together, so too does love explain how all creation fits perfectly together. If this universe exists for the express purpose of human evolution towards Godliness, Earth is perfect—exactly as it is.

HUMILITY – This attitude bypasses one of the most tenacious, but hidden, aspects of the ego. This aspect is the need to control and to be right. It is quite humbling to realize there is only one thing you can ever control, and that is where you choose to give your precious energy. Being right is another myth. ‘Right’, from whose viewpoint and in what context? Control trips and the need to ‘be right’, are both huge vanities that lead to inevitable pain. This is precisely why Jesus said, “He who would be exalted will be humbled, he would be humbled will be exalted.”

As a serious spiritual student, let go of the self-appointed duties of being the one to judge, correct, control, change the world and express opinions about everything. The Love-driven being is no longer obligated to continue these chores, instead they are turned over to divine justice. Inasmuch as the mind has no idea what Reality even is, relinquishing these former duties will be a relief and bring about an end to feeling guilt.

In my last posting I explained how money mystifies people because, though we get educated in schools, we aren’t taught prosperity economics, we’re taught scarcity. In today’s article I’ll continue with this theme…it’s that important.  Money is not only energy (what isn’t?), and not only a commodity, but it is actually a conduit of value. Money is currency, which carries the energy of value. Remember that all income is attracted to you in direct proportion to the exact amount of value you are producing in the world. In prosperity economics, we produce more value than we consume. Producers intentionally create value by consistently under-promising while over-producing. Scarcity conscious people consume more value than they produce—they might be called consumers. Productive people are the true asset and it was these people who invented the idea of money. 

This invention is significant because it is far more useful than the barter system which it replaced. Money increases the world-wide ability for people to exchange goods and services. Without money we could never barter for all the goods and services we use on a daily basis. To see the purpose money serves, for a moment think about a world in which you had to barter for everything. Can you imagine a carpenter having to barter his carpentry skills with the phone company, for gas & electric, with insurance companies, doctors, gas stations, toll booth operators, grocery stores, clothing stores, theaters, restaurants, and all the hundreds of other items we use on a daily basis? It would literally be impossible. Money definitely increases the utility of societal exchange.           

Money is a useful tool of exchange, but people and wisdom are the true assets.

Our society collectively agrees to honor the exchange of paper money and coins for valuable goods and services.  Money is a conductor of value called currency, and is therefore a very useful social agreement. The problem is that because of the scarcity paradigm, money has been elevated in relevance to be viewed as more important than the people it was created to serve.

Because money is a social agreement created by man, it is finite and changeable. Take one U.S. dollar to Jamaica and exchange it – their banks will give you thirty-eight Jamaican dollars. Why? There is a different social agreement there. Go to Europe and the same U.S. dollar is worth much less. Again, in Europe there is a different society which abides by a different social agreement as to how much value U.S. money can buy. Value exists only in the minds of people, and constantly changes according to context.

As you can see, money is a useful tool created as a social agreement among men, but it is finite and changeable. Value creation is an aspect of God and is therefore infinite and unchangeable. The wisdom to create value has, and always will result in wealth with certainty, because it is an infinite success principle. Value creation is the reality (originating from God) – and money is a useful tool of exchange (invented by man). It is the by-product that appears secondary to value creation. Through the lens of the prosperity paradigm, money is the secondary consideration, and understanding the value proposition of a potential buying decision is primary. This is why money can never be the primary reason to do, or not do, anything.

When making a buying decision, the primary factor is understanding the value proposition, and the secondary factor should be money.

A limiting belief projected through scarcity thinking is that it takes money to make money (money is power, money is the asset). It does not take money to make money – the true requirement is the education to use true principles in context to produce value for others. 

In the late 1980’s real estate mogul Donald Trump hit hard times, reportedly owing investors close to a billion dollars. Things were so dire that, upon seeing a homeless man on the streets he commented to his wife, “Honey, that man is a billion dollars richer than we are.”            What the homeless man did not know, which Trump did, was the secret to create wealth with certainty, not luck. What Trump had was his good word and reputation, plus his knowledge of how to create value in his industry. He called every investor and bank, telling them the hard truth of his situation, but with a game plan of how and when they could expect re-payment. Inspired by his debtors’ faith in him, he repaid each one earlier than expected, while rebuilding phenomenal wealth in the process.

Learning to be productive and creating value for others inevitably results in drawing abundance (whether monetary or otherwise) to you.

Remember – wisdom is power and people are assets.  Once you have the proper education, it takes approximately five to ten years of life searching for soul purpose to fully reveal itself. It cannot be forced or sought after; it reveals itself when the obstacles that the ego presents us with are removed. This occurs through a combination of grace, karmic merit, and spiritual discipline.

Living your soul purpose does not mean you have to own your own business or be famous. It means that you are doing what you are naturally passionate about doing every day, whether working for yourself or as an employee. Many people know their soul purpose but refuse to acknowledge it because doing so may require uncomfortable decisions. The real pain and suffering from human existence comes from not making these decisions.

The width and breadth of your soul purpose may be large or small, it may result in fame and fortune, or it may not. Regardless of its scope, discovering and living your soul purpose is the greatest gift a person can give themselves. Offering this gift of service to humanity is the greatest gift you can give to the world.


1.      In a world of seeming cause and effect, value creation is the cause, money is the effect.

2.      Money is a useful tool of exchange, but people and wisdom are the true assets.

3.      Discovering and living one’s Soul Purpose expands the greatest possibility for joy health and wealth.

4.      When making a buying decision, the primary factor is understanding the value proposition and the secondary factor should be money.

I recently did a seminar on prosperity for a group people consisting of mainly women. They were mostly professionals who had temporarily suspended their careers to raise a family. Some were doctors, others were lawyers and accountants; but the common denominator was that most were well educated high-level earners. I began the workshop by asking them to pass the microphone around to introduce themselves, and then to individually answer the following question; My biggest concern about money is … Their answers totally blew my mind. The first answer was, Money totally mystifies me. The second was; I am an accountant and I intellectually know the pragmatics about money, but somehow can’t put it all together to apply it in my real life. The next answer was;  I am clueless as to how to earn more, we always seem to just struggle by … And on and on it went, at least sixty highly intelligent people, and not one of them said, I totally get it.

So I am writing this to help you totally get it right now, if you choose to.

I have heard money referred to by spiritual teachers as being energy, and I have also heard money referred to by economists as being a commodity. Both are relative truisms depending on context. By using Prosperity Paradigm principles, money can be understood in a more absolute sense within a broader context. While scarcity economics are often complex, confusing, and contradictory, prosperity economics are simple, direct and obvious.

Money is a tool of exchange that serves as a conduit of value. Money is called currency because it carries an energy current similar to electrical current. Like copper wire is a conduit of electricity, money is a conduit of value. The copper wire is conducting the electricity, but it is not the power it merely carries the power. It is the electricity that is the powerful thing, right? When you need to plug in a lamp, you do not look for copper wire do you? You look for an electrical outlet because that’s where the power is.

Similarly, money is not the power; it is merely the conduit for the real power which is value. Checks, dollars, all revenue and income is attracted to you relative to the exact amount of value you are producing in the world. Every time you receive money, you must stop and recognize it as an effect. It appears as an end result from something you did prior to receiving the money. This something was the cause.

Recognize that there are only two ways to make money in this world:

1. Creating Value for others this is maximized and expedited by discovering Soul Purpose and externalizing it via the Prosperity Paradigm

2. Deception over others this is the result of living in a state of self-deception and/or aligning with an organization that is deceiving others.

If you are working for an hourly wage, look at your paycheck at the end of the week and notice that you went to an employers place of business, somehow offered value to his customers, and afterwards received compensation. If you are in sales, you first offered a product or service to a potential client, and only when they received value did your compensation then follow. In a world of seemingly continuous cause and effect; the creation of value is the cause, and money is the effect.

The grandiose error made by people who want more money, is that they focus on the wrong end of the equation. If you seek more money, do not think about money. Focus instead on what you can be, then do, to offer the maximum value to the world. Look at things like: besides money, what do I need to be happier, and ask yourself, does the world share in that need? What does society need? Where are people suffering? What niche can I fill that may have not quite been filled to the degree my vision may offer? What do I love to be, and create, that might be a valuable service or product out in the world?

At this stage of inner, thought travel you must suspend  how to do it. Dream about what your Soul Purpose may be, contemplate it, and above all remember the how to is not important at this stage. The how to do it is not important because you are educating yourself and that is enough for now.

There are so many unrealized opportunities out there to create greater value in the world, it is amazing. This is true because what people view as valuable is completely subjective. To some, an old baseball with ink scribbling on it is valuable, to others used postage stamps are valuable, and to another the old shoes of a movie star are valuable. Like all of life, value is subjective, and what is valuable varies according to each persons specific likes and preferences. Whether you are exchanging money for a product or service or ,vice/ versa, all money transactions are based on exchanging value. Remember that value is a quality of meaningful service or significant worth which, when provided for another, creates enhanced joy and fulfillment for both parties. By creating value first, money will appear second.

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After spending twenty seven years studying the most high-functioning, happiest, famous, and wealthiest people in history, I came to understand the common denominator they all shared. Though they were from a myriad of different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, every one of them had discovered their soul purpose. More so, they found a way to bring this great gift in service to the world. This possibility forms the ultimate version of prosperity that a human being can aspire to; it is the quintessential human life value. People that discover and deliver their soul purpose to the world live longer and happier, experience greater inner peace and health, and become financially abundant though it is rarely their intention.

Soul purpose is your unique series of talents, strengths, passions, interests, hobbies, attitudes, and values that form the essence of the most magnificent version of you. When these qualities are intentionally acknowledged and cultivated, they coalesce into a specific mission in service to the world. These qualities already exist within you in a basic raw form. For most people they need to be clearly identified, then nourished, studied and refined. Soul purpose is like gold – hidden deep within, but when painstakingly sought for and carefully mined – makes for fabulous wealth.


Throughout history people have come to recognize the relevance and validity of soul purpose only after experiencing great discontent. This discontent stems from not living their life with purpose. They know they’re here to do something important but all they can say is that they’re definitely not doing it. Thus, discontent acts as the fuel that propels people towards the discovery of this concept. We come to soul purpose by discovering who we are not, and do not, want to be and do. Thus it is important to also address what soul purpose is not:



1. a job

2. a career

3. about money

4. about fame

5. about material things

6. without struggle

7. easy

8. glamorous

9. indicative of any ‘special ness’

10. worthy of any adulation but simple respect


The phrase soul purpose is derived from realizing that you are a soul in a body who has a mind. While residing in a material body and using the mind as a computer for storing, retrieving and analyzing data, the soul is your true essence. But because of very deeply ingrained cultural conditioning, we have forgotten the essence of that which we really are. This conditioning drastically hinders people’s belief in themselves and their possibilities in the world. The following story illustrates this point.


In India, elephants are still used for many heaving-lifting tasks. When the elephants are in training they are secured by a thick chain to a one-foot wide steel shaft cemented deep into the ground. As the trainer begins teaching them they initially pull and pull trying to free themselves, but after a couple weeks the elephant realizes it’s useless and stops pulling. From that point forward the trainer can lead them around by a string! This massively strong creature has been conditioned for the rest of its life to never change, because of its early conditioning. Human beings are very similar. This conditioning causes us to look at the world in a very fixed and limited way, without our even knowing it. So we forget our essence and settle for a life of mediocrity. I believe this is the root of why so many good people experience depression—their soul is so stifled that it is crying out for the expression of its real purpose.


The Prosperity Paradigm is a curriculum that is dedicated to helping you expedite the discovery and implementation of your soul purpose so that you too can experience riches beyond your wildest dreams. To begin, just sign up to receive my newsletter which will help you begin to live the prosperous life right now. Go to The Prosperity Paradigm

Steve D’Annunzio is a behavior modification teacher who mentors life success coaches all over the country. His radically effective teachings pull people “out of their minds and into their hearts.”

Steve uses principles of Higher Awareness to inspire others to be far greater versions of themselves than they ever knew to be possible. By combining scientific and spiritual truth, he co-creates inner transformations for people to experience more outer prosperity in their life. He is an author and composer of many books, paradigms, and artistic projects that have the common theme of alleviating human suffering and enhancing joy.
He has recently finished his latest book, The Prosperity Paradigm. Steve lives with his family in Rochester, New York.

To Acquire Steve’s Latest Book, “The Prosperity Paradigm” go to: http://www.ProsperitySteve.com

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